a mystical skull codpiece recovered by the adventurers


The Skull Codpiece fits over your dick and looks rad. Capable of concealing even a 10/10 boner, the SCP is a must for any adventurer easily turned on by elves and shit.



The Skull Codpiece was valiantly won by the adventurers following an epic battle with a wizard, a bunch of skeletons and an undead zombie troll.

The adventurers cleverly set the troll on fire forever (it is still on fire now and will never go out) making the rest of the battle pretty easy after Tempa T blasted everything with his radiant damage.

Smash Gordon was dead for most of the battle.

Having examined the SCP, the adventurers found it to be an evil, arcane device and promptly put it back in the offical SCP carry case.

Upon returning the SCP to the dwarf merchant that had requested it, the adventurers were handsomely rewarded. However, the whereabouts of it is now unknown as the dwarf mysteriously left town the next day.


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